Facilitation was the core of Leanne’s training before it was trendy. With her background in education, Leanne knows that the seminar should be not only educational, but also engaging and entertaining. All of Leanne’s courses are completely interactive using simulations, games, teamwork, and questioning skills. Leanne also provides comprehensive pre and post work as well as analysis of evaluations and reporting on projected future training needs. Please contact Leanne if you would like more information on how she can provide similar services to your organization.

Seminar Topics

Creative Leadership to Mid-Level Managers

How to Handle Negativity and Job Burnout

Dealing with Difficult People

Communicating Professionalism in the Workplace

How to Make Confident Presentations

Positive Ways to Resolve Conflict

Strategies for Effective Teambuilding

Adopting the Right Leadership Style for the Job

Keys to Improving You Leadership Skills

How to Trust Your Customers

Multi-Generational Workplace

How-To’s of Effective Delegation

Customer Service for the Public Sector

Internal Customer Service – How to Treat Your People Right

How to Think Outside the Status Quo

Leading Through Change and more Change

Status Quo to Go