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Leanne Mackenzie, M.Ed., is a savvy leader who has learned that humor will get you everywhere you want to go. Holding a core belief that work should be fun, she is a consummate professional who can also tell it like it is. Because Leanne can personally relate to the plight of the middle manager – feelings of working in a pressure cooker and lack of control over career success – she hooks 'em with her timely, practical strategies and holds 'em with the laughter.

If your employees can benefit from a creative approach to going from the status quo to go, then you need to book Leanne Mackenzie. Leanne shares fresh techniques for creative leadership in the face of constant change, stress, generational differences, burnout and difficult people. Revitalizing your front line will positively impact your bottom line.

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Please go back and be flexible, creative and open to change. And if not, please have a great laugh at the expense of whoever is causing that stress.

– Leanne Mackenzie

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